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Welcome back

Dear Parents

We have been preparing, as a teaching team, to ensure that our curriculum and experiences are tailored to the needs of our children here at Greatworth. We are really excited and positive about the future and everything we can offer our learners so that they are: equipped to become guardians of the planet; knowledgeable about people and societies; able to challenge inequality and compete against the best in the world in future careers.

The teachers, governors and children have been reviewing our curriculum vision (the knowledge we teach our children) and overall values for Greatworth School. Please read what we have so far and please email your views to llb@greatworthschool.co.uk


 At Greatworth School we are building a community where children build the confidence, resilience and drive that will help them grow into happy, articulate, successful young people. Our children achieve high standards and build strong foundations in the core skills. Children are empowered to change their own lives and the lives of those around them. They are able to stand up and become pillars of the community, making a difference. They are good role models who inspire through a love of learning and are motivated to make a positive impact on each other’s lives. Together, we continually strive to remove the barriers to success and fear of failure. We provide a culture of mutual respect and acceptance with children moving onto their next venture with the knowledge, skills and values to set them on a path to achieve their dreams.


  • We are empowered individuals
  • We are curious learners
  • We show respect
  • We are creative thinkers
  • We have a positive mind-set

Curriculum Vision

Our curriculum provides a driving, underpinning philosophy and sets out the following broad aims:

  1. Our children achieve high standards and build strong foundations in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.
  2. Teach children about life beyond their own experience so that they understand that they can have an impact as citizens of a wider world.
  3. Oracy- Children can speak confidently and fluently and recognise the importance of listening. They understand a wide vocabulary and are able to use this in their talk and writing. Children share their learning in engaging and informative ways including assemblies, presentations and using digital technology. They are open –minded and value the contributions of others.
  4. Our knowledge-rich curriculum ensures that children are curious and knowledgeable about the world and science. Children love learning about the specifics and traditions of subject disciplines. (eg being a Geographer, Scientist, Designer)


We are going to trial a system where we do not use Dojos for individual rewards, rather a whole class system in which children contribute to whole class rewards. Our aim is develop our learners into positive role-models who are motivated to make a positive impact on each other’s lives. Rewards will become a whole class reward and may be a trip to the park in the minibus or another worthwhile reward. The idea is that the children focus on working as a team and sharing success. We will continue to recognise children’s individual successes in books, shout-outs, stars of the week, post-cards and additional responsibilities in school.

Pupil Leadership

As part of our curriculum, we will be implementing a whole school Pupil-Leadership initiative. This will include children from Reception – Year 6 taking responsibility in the running of our school and their classroom.

Peer Tutoring, Resilience and Growth Mind-set

In September, we are excited to launch our Peer-Tutoring programme. Research shows that peer-tutoring (where children coach and teach each other through questioning and demonstration) is effective at every level for all children. It not only supports mastery learning but helps children’s metacognition (learning to learn), resilience and mind-set.

We look forward to implementing a strong curriculum in September and are excited to be able to include parents in their child’s education and showcase their learning and success.


Kind Regards

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