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Our Staff

Our Staff Value is Perseverance

Clifton-upon-Dunsmore Primary School prides itself on having a real family-focused ethos. 

 We love to welcome people into our school and for our pupils and parents to feel that they know us all.

 Meet the staff and learn about their roles in school:

Our Staff (ID 1027)

Our Support Staff

  •  EYS Support Staff - Claire Whittington, Anita 
  • Year 1 Support Staff - Rachel Walker
  • Year 2 Support Staff - Wendy Mayall, Katie
  • Year 3 Support Staff - Florentina Sheridan, Liz Newbold (1-1 support)
  • Year 4 Support Staff - Colin Ginn
  • Year 5 Support Staff - Wendy Mayall, Hayley Bradshaw
  • Year 6 Support Staff - Rachel Stiles, Lucy Sanders (1-1 support)

Our Administration Staff

  • Office Administrator - Linda Horton
  • Bursar - Claire O'Brian 

Our Lunchtime Staff

  •  Dianne Hull

Our Grounds Staff

  • Caretaker - Lee Horton 

Our External Staff

  • OnSide Sports Teacher - George