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Welcome to the Parents Teacher Association

Lewis Court School has a very active Parents Teacher Association.

The PTA is your chance to be involved in your child's school life.

The association was formed with the intention of raising funds to provide extra facilities for the children which are not normally provided by Warrington.

All new parents are warmly welcomed to join the Association when their child enter school.

An AGM is held each year to elect principal officers and parents are enthusiastically invited to join the General Committee.

A steady income is needed to support the school, the PTA is well supported but the future lies with you, the new parents. New members are always needed to generate new ideas. Informal committee meetings are held in the evenings at intervals throughout the year to discuss topics of interest, future events and ways of using the available funds.

Remember this your school and by keeping the PTA committee strong and well-attended you are helping to give your child an enjoyable school life and a high standard of education.

If you would like to find out more or become involved please contact the school.

For upcoming PTA events, please see the School Calendar.